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Adam Smith-A Primer (IEA Occasional Papers)

Adam Smith-A Primer (IEA Occasional Papers)

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Despite his fame, there is still widespread ignorance about the breadth of Adam Smiths contributions to economics, politics and philosophy. In ADAM SMITH -- A PRIMER, Eamonn Butler provides an authoritative introduction to the life and work of this founder of economics. The author examines not only 'The Wealth of Nations', with its insights on trade and the division of labour, but also Smiths less well-known works, such as 'The Theory of Moral Sentiments', his lectures, and his writings on the history of science. Butler therefore provides a comprehensive, but concise, overview of Adam Smiths intellectual achievements. Whilst earlier writers may have studied economic matters, it is clear that the scope of Smiths enquiries was remarkable. In relating economic progress to human nature and institutional evolution he provided a completely new understanding of how human society works, and was very much a precursor of later writers such as Hayek and Popper. Indeed, with poor governance, protectionism and social engineering still commonplace, Smiths arguments are still highly relevant to policymakers today. ADAM SMITH -- A PRIMER includes a foreword by Sir Alan Peacock, an introduction by Gavin Kennedy and a commentary by Craig Smith.


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