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EXILED: An exciting Story of Armenia

EXILED: An exciting Story of Armenia

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The author, as a ten year old girl, was caught in a religious pogram perpetrated by the Turks against the Armenians. Her mother, sisters, and brother lost their lives from starvation on a long death march: her own life was spared when she was sold to a passing Arab. Her experiences in an Arabian harem, how she was reunited with her father, and how she was able to go to the United States and take training as a nurse make a fascinating and favorite story for young and old. A thrilling story of a young Seventh-day Adventist girl driven from home by the Turks. A harrowing account of man's inhumanity to man, and yet through it all we see a picture of God's care for His children. - The Ancient Land of Armenag. A Happy Armenian Home. War--and the Death March. In the Throes of Starvation. Sold to an Arab. The Home of Allel Moose. "Die, You Pig, Die!". Tattooed Like an Arab. Resued!. Finding My Father. Refugees Again. On Board for America. To Do His Will.

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