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Ghosts Of Franklin: Tennessee's Most Haunted Town

Ghosts Of Franklin: Tennessee's Most Haunted Town

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Franklin, Tennessee seriously oozes charm. At the same time, Franklin is seriously haunted. Beneath its quaint exterior is a seamy and sometimes terrifying past. The horrifying Battle of Franklin scarred the collective memory of the town. But it is not just tragedy that keeps them in Franklin. Sometimes, local folks just like their town and never want to leave--even after they die.Ghosts of Franklin brings to the public for the first time written accounts of many of Franklin's most chilling ghost stories, including accounts of the spirit of an old woman claiming ownership of a building to a startled tenant, a hand-carved bed that carries with it dreadful memories--and a ghost, and a famous widow who stays vigilant over wounded soldiers and their graves--100 years after she died.Ghosts of Franklin's accounts of strange and unexplainable events and phenomena will amaze the reader and provide convincing evidence that Franklin is indeed Tennessee's most haunted town.

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