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Kiss of the Marlin

Kiss of the Marlin

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What would you be willing to do to change your life's direction? That's the question that Casey Doran, a man of perpetual inaction and rigid standards, is faced with. His ordinary life is upended after a whimsical intervention south of the border leads him on a new path of self-discovery and earthly enchantment. He comes to realize along the way that love has many faces, and even more important, that playing it safe can be the most dangerous of all. Kiss of the Marlin is a romantic fantasy that blends human desire with a sense of wonderment where secret wishes can come true. This is Mark Fiorito's second novel. He has also authored The Run, several screenplays, and a collection of poetry. Mark was raised in New Jersey and now divides his time between San Diego and Louisville with his wife, Joan.


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