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Mules, Knaves, and Close Shaves

Mules, Knaves, and Close Shaves

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Change comes in one way or another to the life of every man. However, when Alan Daele, a rut-stuck travel agent, finds himself whisked away to another world seconds after what's probably the last shower he'll take for a long while, he's about to find out that change just might be a tad overrated.

Dragged into a world so bizarre, it's almost normal; having only his towel as his garb and a razor his weapon, he's forced on a Quest to - of course - defeat an evil Tyrant. After all, for what other reason could he be here in the first place?

With uncanny companions to guide the way, he's also supposed to defeat said tyrant by unleashing the powers of Rock, Paper or Scissors... just because that's apparently how things are done here.

With no one he can trust and a price on his head... come what may, all Alan can do is keep moving forward.

For all he knows, that's his only ticket home.

Mathew W. Weaver is a renowned if somewhat enigmatic author who specializes in quick wit and the creation of fully developed worlds. In this tale an unexpected hero must find the warrior within as he journies from love lost to found.

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