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Vienna: Audition For Cold War

Vienna: Audition For Cold War

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The Russians knew there were Nazi scientists hiding in Vienna who could quickly give them their own A-Bomb. With it, Stalin could make Europe and the rest of the world tremble. American James Cole turned out to be their biggest obstacle. All around him people were being kidnapped, shot and seduced. He had to outwit the KGB, his allies and even his own leaders in a desperate bid to keep the bomb out of Stalin's grasp. Cole was an unlikely hero but then, Vienna, Austria in the months after World War II was an unlikely place. Russians, British, French and Austrians struggled for position and power with no one really in charge. The Americans, as the world's only nuclear power, deactivated the OSS wartime intelligence service and did not replace it. Spying was seen as dirty and unbecoming. Blind to the intrigue and deception swirling around them, the American government preached cooperation and friendship with our wartime allies. It would take bold action. It would take a real actor, but James Cole was up to the role. With his small band of misfits in supporting roles, it would be a world class performance.

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