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Wild Animus: A Novel

Wild Animus: A Novel

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When the first edition of FUR FARMING was brought out (Spring of 1909) few believed that the raising of fur bearing animals was practical. Later developments have proven otherwise. So promising is the business now that not only the United States Department of Agriculture but the Canadian Government have issued bulletins and booklets showing the possibilities. From the dawn of history in this country the fur trade has been an important branch of commerce and had much to do with the rapid advance of discovery and exploration in the early days. But the extensive trapping operations since that time have sadly depleted the ranks of all species of furbearing animals and some of the most valuable are rapidly nearing extinction. This is especially true of the central and eastern portions of the United States, and the time is approaching when the ever increasing demand for furs must be met by some way other than trapping the wild animals,-but how? Fur farming appears to offer the only solution to the problem. The raising of furbearing animals is still in its infancy, but many experiments have been tried out from time to time, and it is a proven fact that if it is undertaken and carried out in an intelligent manner, the industry is bound to be successful; and why not? All of our domestic animals and fowls were wild creatures at one time.

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